Executive Search Firm Tactics revealed

The Academy of Management Perspectives has published in November 2010 in volume 24 number 4 an article on a study made by Monika Hamori about “Who Gets Headhunted – and Who Gets Ahead”.  She interviewed 2000 executives in over 800 multinational companies. The main outcome is that “THE EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM TARGETS LARGE, REPUTABLE, HIGH-PERFORMING COMPANIES TO RECRUIT FROM, AND IDENTIFIES INDIVIDUAL  TARGET EXECUTIVES ON THE BASIS OF THEIR JOB TITLE rather than their accomplishments.” She furthermore notes that 50% of  US managers stay six years with an employer, and about 2/3 of open positions are filled by outsiders.

This gives a lot to think about for executives planning their career, but also for hiring managers, and especially for the executive search firms.  There are talented people with accomplishments in SME to be hired, but they should consider to get into larger companies in order to make their career. So, actually executive search firms should  reconsider their tactics and hit two flies at once.

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