The USA is back!


There we are- the USA is back! That’s exactly what I have been estimating and proclaiming on this blog for  quite a long time already. Here are the facts: the US manufacturing index is slightly up, the foreign exchange rate of US Dollar is favorable for the exports (index at 15 points below year 2000 and thereby lower than EU, China and Japan), that are growing nicely (160 points over year 2000), and the consumers are spending again – the retail sales are growing (158 points over year 2000 and 8 points over year 2008). On top of this the unit costs in production are 15 points below year 2000 – only Finland is better here. Based on decreasing unemployment (down to 8,3%), strong profits at US companies ( over 7% of GDP), and decreasing interest rates (down to 3%) the prospects look very promising. The world’s largest motor starts to hum again. That brings stability and hope for continuation of free world trade. Happy Easter!

The World Economic Forum rated US to the rank 5 after Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, and Finland.

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