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Texas is going stronger

November 3, 2012

The US economy is giving signs of up-ticking, but especially in Texas prospects are very promising: the port of Corpus Christi is exporting more crude oil than ever since 1940 reports Financial Times on October 18th, and oil imports are going down! Texas has also lots of gas, solar, wind, and atomic power. The businesses in Texas will benefit greatly of this situation. The housing market has started to rise again in Texas – especially in DFW area. The unemployment is around 8% and falling there. There are no state taxes in Texas. On top of this all comes the growing number of people living in Texas. So, what would be a more lucrative location to set up a business in the US? As a nice curiosity from Northern Europe:  in tiny Finland there was a scenario work done by EVA (policy and pro-market think tank) for the years to come. In this work the role of US was seen as a slowly degrading super power loosing its position. The hope was put on China. We all agree that China is coming up as a power, but the scenario of the USA needs of a slight correction because US is now self-sufficient with energy and can curb up a great economic growth when manufacturing is coming back to US as well as foreign companies are investing in the USA. I still call for a more intense business and relationships over the Atlantic. EU is clearly the largest economic power on earth, so EU-US relations should play a more significant role. The paths for oil are changing, so why not the way of politics as well?